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Canvas+Garden’s second entry into the Tales series.
An adorable tale of the animated duo Ciel and Koron who come to life in this story.
In an attempt to mend relations with his grandmother, a young boy seeks the counsel of two magical sisters.
The two sisters are very close to Ciel and Koron and they can’t let the boy leave without them.
– CG Gallery –
Canvas+Garden brings their first major CG entry yet again in Tales of Zestiria the X.
The CG Gallery features designs by artists who have worked on the past few titles including Miyasaka Miyu, who previously designed the game’s storyboards.
– Character Designs –
Three characters will be included in this entry.
First is Ciel, a blue-haired boy who is always reading a book of sorts.
He’s always happy and cheerful and is determined to protect his beloved café.
Next is Koron, a little girl with a flower mark on her forehead.
She’s full of personality and is always smiling.
Finally, there’s Asaki, the boy who has been acting as the manager for the café since the death of his father.
He seems to be the most troubled of the three but it’s likely that it’s due to how many obligations he has.
– Story & Characters –
The boy meets the magical sisters.
They sense a powerful resonance in their heart and ask Ciel and Koron to open a tear in space to save them.
The two are unable to do so and end up disappearing.
After this, the boy returns to his home town and Ciel and Koron gradually appear in the town.
They try to go home but they realize that their home has become a vast space.
As a result, they fall into the tear and end up in a strange world.
Here, they meet new friends and figure out what to do.
1. Animation – Using Softimage|XSI
2. Character Designs – Miyasaka Miyu, Miyasaka Nako
3. Original Storyboards – Miyasaka Miyu
4. CG Gallery – artists who have worked on past titles
5. Character Designs – Under development
CG Gallery
Canvas+Garden’s second major CG entry and sequel in Tales of Zestiria


Features Key:

  • max 40 players (mutliplayer will be supported with next updates)
  • casual (nick-name with letters selectors, random and so on)
  • multiplayer

    Maximum of 8 players will be supported

  • A detailed lobby screen will be made available

    no further update

  • Leaderboards,

    will available with next update

  • 3 games modes: collapse, survival and free for all
  • rankings
  • MadOut Ice Storm Version Blog:

    • an actual progress report of the developement

    • adding new characters
    • map restrictions
    • character characteristics
    • notifications when someone joins or leaves the lobby
    • split the old playercharacter players from other playercharacter
    • done by Christmas monday.

    Victory one of the three developers

    • Victory is a german motocross player from the past.
      He seems to like the MadOut Ice Storm source code
      therefore he will be the first player character in the MadOut Ice Storm.

      Victory players:

      • Max of 40 players!

      Victory keys:

      • by any keys + / + +, / + or just + is allowed.
      • By default the keys for
        • war, survival, free, collapse
      • are: ← ↓ + → +

      Victory goals:

      • After the first MadOut Ice Storm version date players will
        be each of the players allowed to vote to pick the wining game
        The mode with best amount of players will be the winning game

    MadOut Ice Storm Description will be:


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        The full version of Ironclad Tactics comes with a bonus campaign that will put you in the role of an Imperial general. Command the empire’s armies and fight the alien horde who threatens to destroy humanity.
        Key Features:
        – 3D unit battles against the AI or human players online.
        – Choose from 11 factions, each one with its own technology tree, culture, units and personalities.
        – Unique turn-based gameplay: tactical decisions are made by each unit and affect the whole war front.
        – Hundreds of units across 10 different classes.
        – Over 60 improvements that come with the full version.
        – In-game full-screen mode to view all your units and bonuses at the same time.
        – Cinematic videos and in-depth tutorials for noobs and gurus.
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        戦略ゲーム『降神战役 -A Story of the usurpers-』

        The Battle of the Arriver~a story of the usurpers

        The battle starts in the spring of 217, a period of spring, but the battle at the main battlefield of the Arriver, his own land, nearby several hundred li west of the Yuanyang, they meet the rebels, thirsty troops spread in and massacred the peaceful and quiet life of the local people.But no one to wonder, the rebels are another group of people, the people in the west, they come here to save the people at home who are oppressed and hungry.

        The battle of the Arriver is a story of a rebel leader who is hunting for food to save his people, she is a young and innocent priestess, a rebellious priestess trying to provide food for the oppressed peasants of her home. The “Battle of the Arriver” is a story of the usurpers in the middle of a furious bloody fight.

        This is the story of “The usurpers”。

        The Arriver is a medium-sized battle between rebel and the imperial army. All the battle lasted for three days in the late spring, the great rain was very violent and high, and even uprooted the earth, the battle was concentrated in the western border of the land of the Arriver.

        Map of The Arriver 降神战役山村

        The Arriver (降神战役), whose population is about 30,000 people, is a national-level lords of the first-level is a strange border of the north-south line of the Runa, and the front with the “Rionzhi Camp”, they are the immediate neighbors of the “Gongyuan Reversed County”, which is a lordship of the “Yuexiang County”.

        While the county and the village of the “Kangbi Village” and a medium-sized lordship of the “Yuexiang County” of the royal family domain, the former nobles of the county, “The Arriver”, are one of the largest peasant lordship in the kingdom.

        It was a special area of the “Runagurun-Gurun County”, and the former lords were classified as “Qilishi County”, the local official administration office was located in the county’s


        What’s new: