Drekirokr – Dusk Of The Dragon Trainer PC/Windows [Updated]


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Name Drekirokr – Dusk of the Dragon
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.50 / 5 ( 5329 votes )
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1. iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch:
iOS: 9.0.0 or later
Android: Android 4.3.0 or later
Windows Phone: Windows Phone 8.1
2. PC:
Google Chrome version 26+
Opera version 29+
Firefox version 24+
Other browsers can also work, but please test it first.
3. Android Tablet:
Android: 4.3.0 or later
Windows: Windows Phone 8.1
The game has trouble connecting to Android version 4.4+
iOS: 9.0.0 or later
4. Video Card:
At least 512 MB video card
A Java video card is recommended.
5. Android tablet:
Android: Android 4.3.0 or later
Windows: Windows Phone 8.1
iOS: iOS9.0.0 or later
Use devices without Android 4.4 or more, please test it before use.
How to play
Pinch your finger to use the mouse like dragging.
Tap the right side of a ball to collect all the balls.
Tap left to drop the ball, and then click the line to go.
Tap to view the behind or pass through the ball.
Tap to decide the ball to be trapped, when click the ball, it will be absorbed.
If the ball touch the boundary, it will be treated as a wrong.
If you want to play the online version, please click the following button.
By the way, PDA Touch and HTC or other high-end phone is recommended.
This game will store some personal information about you, such as username, scores and items collected.
During the game, your personal information will be sent to our server to establish your login information.
If you are sensitive to privacy, we recommend to turn off the sharing.
Game operation process
Q1: Do I have a Java account?
In order to log in online, you need to register an account.
Please follow the instructions to complete the registration in the following steps.
When you complete the registration, please go to the game and check the login button.
Q2: Can I play online?
Just log in the game to start the game.
Q3: I do not have a Java account, What should I do?
Log in to the game with your Windows Live account.
Q4: Have a


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