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There is no shortage of text editors available for users to download and take advantage of, however, they all offer very different advantages and features, as well as different formats. Easy Peasy Publisher is a plain text document editor that offers more features than some basic plain text document creators, as well as the ability to save in various formats.
A simple interface that doesn't offer many features or options for users to work with
While Easy Peasy Publisher might be a plain text editor, it is could easily offer more than what it does when it comes to document creation. The interface is simplistic and offers only three main buttons, text color, font and the option to add a picture, although the picture support is an upgrade for plain text creation.
There are no text format options and pictures that are added, cannot be positioned or moved in any significant way, something that undermines one of its few features. A symbol inserter and other tools that can be supported in plain text should be available, especially since it needs to compete with a multitude of other programs, some of which are automatically installed on Window's systems.
The main point of the application is its function as a document converter
Users will quickly realize that the simplistic nature of Easy Peasy Publisher's interface is due to the focus on its converting feature. The program is capable of saving and converting plain text into a variety of formats, including HTML, CPP, LOG, EPP or BAT. The extra option does provide some needed versatility to  what seems to be a lacking application.
The converting option works perfectly well, bolstering Easy Peasy Publisher and how it performs, yet it is still lacking. There are no preview options for the converting procedure or extra settings or options depending on the type of format chosen, instead it is as basic as the interface it provides.
A reasonable application that does provide a useful service, yet fails in comparison with other programs
The biggest issue with Easy Peasy Publisher is that it is not the only application around that does what it does, and due to its split focus, it does two things poorly rather than one well. The program would be improved if it focused on being a better text editor, or a better file converter, not both. Instead, Easy Peasy Publisher is likely to leave users disappointed in both areas.









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This is a simple text editor for DOS written in the Visual C++ compiler. Features include font color, size and style, new and old style text, line numbering, footnotes, and pictures. “View” menu: “Number” – Line number, “Count” – Word count, “Nudge” – Overwrite with ellipsis, “Indent” – Indent level, “Count” – Characters count. Window resize option “Undo” – Undo, “Redo” – Redo, “Find” – Find text, “Find file” – Find file. View menu: Zoom. View menu: “Replace” – Replace text, “File” – Open file.


No search and replace text

Simple plain text editing
Not much to add here, all basic text editing tools are available on EPP, such as selection, copy and paste, find and replace, cut and paste, it can also search for text and highlight it.
Limitations of Easy Peasy Publisher
The only limitation for this editor is that it uses columns instead of tabs for file management. As it is only a simple text file editor, and not an application that is built for either document creation or conversion, the plain text editor offers no extra features aside from the basic text editing tools mentioned above.
A pretty decent plain text editor that is lacking a little in areas
Easy Peasy Publisher is not a bad text editor that is lacking a little in areas, but there are far better ones around that provide different features and advantages. However, as it is a Microsoft Compiler, it does have better licensing that allows it to be downloaded free of charge.
Easy Peasy Publisher is not a very good plain text document editor, but since it is free, there are better alternatives available in the same and other applications in the same category.
It can be used in a pinch, however it has no place in comparison to more versatile and robust text editors like Notepad++, and is mainly useful for its convert feature.
In short, If you don’t need converting and need a simple editor, Easy Peasy Publisher will serve you well, but it is not the best text editor that is available.


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Easy Peasy Publisher Crack Free Download is a simple text editor that provides users with the ability to create, save and save in a variety of formats. Easy Peasy Publisher Activation Code also allows its users to add pictures and documents, as well as rearrange text using the Replace option. Easy Peasy Publisher does not offer the many features of a more complex text editor, as its only focus is on document creation, conversion and picture/document insertion.
Features of Easy Peasy Publisher:
Create a document in HTML
Create a document in CPP
Create a document in LOG format
Create a document in EPP format
Create a document in BAT format
Create a document in MS-Word
Convert a document to.HTML
Convert a document to.PPT
Convert a document to.XML
Add a picture to a document
Add an hyperlink to a document
Image Resize from 0 to the current size of the image
Delete a picture
Insert a picture
Rotate a picture to a predefined direction
Add a hyperlink to a picture
Remove a hyperlink from a picture
Rotate a picture to 180 degrees
Rotate a picture to 270 degrees
Rotate a picture to 360 degrees
Saving as HTML
Saving as CPP
Saving as LOG
Saving as EPP
Saving as MS-Word
Saving as XML
Preview a document
Replace text in a document
Replace a part of a document
Replace a single word in a document
Replace a single sentence in a document
Save a document as LOG or EPP
Save a document as HTML
Save a document as XML
Save a document as MS-Word

Easy Peasy Publisher (from: www.blueshare.com) is a free text editor for Windows that lets you create, save and convert files in a variety of file formats, including HTML, CPP, Log, EPP, XML, MS-Word and more. It supports picture insertion, image resizing, hyperlinks and adds can be placed anywhere in a document.

The program features include:
Convert plain text into other file formats.
Insert pictures and text to documents.
Insert hyperlinks.
Rotate text in a document.
Replace words in a document.
Insert, move or remove pictures.

Easy Peasy Publisher Features:
Create a document in HTML.
Create a document in CPP.
Create a document in Log format

Easy Peasy Publisher Crack Free Download

Easy Peasy Publisher is a text editor that converts plain text into several file formats, including HTML, CPP, LOG, EPP and BAT. The program is also a great plain text editor and image generator. The plain text feature is not overwhelming, but it does offer a few neat features that basic plain text creator might not have.
Want to Create a Meme?
This application allows users to take a picture of their desktop, then convert it into a different format, including text and HTML. The program allows its users to preview all of the images they can create by clicking on the preview button.
• Create Meme.
• Create a Meme from a picture of your desktop.
• Convert plain text into a variety of file formats, including HTML, CPP, LOG, EPP and BAT.
• Type text into the editor window.
• Drag and drop pictures into the editor window.
• Manage picture properties: title, photo description, file name.
• Resize and scale images.
• Add text on pictures with a layout tool.
• Apply a text color to your text and pictures.
• Add new text and/or picture to your text.
• Type and save your work.
• Type and upload your work online.
• Create hyperlinks to online images and text.
• Create memes that can be sent via email or posted online.
• Crop and resize your pictures.
• Optimize your text for display on any computer.
• Apply an image and text style to your text and/or picture.
• Import and export images to and from PNG, BMP and GIF formats.
• Apply a background or background color to your text and/or pictures.
• Remove backgrounds and borders from your text and/or pictures.
• Insert background text.
• Convert your documents into Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, PDF, HTML, or EPP file formats.
• Embed images in your documents.
• Preview your document in a variety of formats.
• Convert your images from the clipboard.
• Set font and text size.
• Set text color.
• Transpose text and images horizontally and vertically.
• Duplicate text and images.
• Add new text and/or picture to your text.
• Insert pictures and other text.
• Add bullets to your text.
• Add pictures to your text.
• Encrypt your text

What’s New In?

EasyPeasy Publisher is a fully featured document and data-base management software package that lets you manage your business,project, schoolwork or any other type of document (such as a resume,company profile or school project) in plain text format.
Support unlimited number of text files.
Hundreds of ready-made templates.
Support more than 40 output formats such as HTML,PPT,EPUB,PDF,SWF,RTF,XML,PostScript, CPP,LOG, Excel,VBA,Flash,TXT,Bat, etc.
Powerful text-manipulation and image-insertion tools.
Arrows and text formatting tools.
Advanced search and replace and find and replace functions.
Sort, group and summary and statistics functions.
Can be run on multiple computers or multiple users.
Multiple languages support.
Limited functions as a document editor and converters.
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System Requirements:

A good graphics card – Requires DirectX 11
A good CPU – Requires DirectX 11, but will still run fine on older CPUs.
2 GB of RAM
Storage space – 1 GB free storage space is recommended.
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