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The new fantasy action RPG set in an open world.
Travel on a quest to rid the Lands Between of danger and become an Elder Lord!
• Enter a vast world where you can freely move around and travel to various locations, open fields with a variety of situations, and huge dungeons.
• You can freely customize your character by equipping the weapons, armor, and magic at your disposal.
• Character creation fully supports free customization of your equipment.
• High-end graphics and a variety of story elements that are deeply integrated into the game world will transport you to another world.
• A large number of events, quests, and battles will occur to an extent that would make even the most-feared dungeons of other games pale in comparison.
• Within the game, you will interact with other characters and engage in events.
• You can search for other players and form a party with them to adventure together.

Who are you?

You are a fighter that has been betrayed by his fellows.
You are a hero that is ready to pay the cost for the sake of others.
What will you do?

Online Information

To request an update:

To find the official site:

To find the official support site:

For any questions or issues, please use the following information:
Contact Support:

For any technical issues, please use the following information:
Technical Support:

For questions concerning game updates:


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Features Key:

  • A vast world where open fields with a variety of situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs are seamlessly connected.
  • A multilayered story that has been pulled directly from the pages of the Elden Ring, which is set in the Lands Between between Earth and Eternia, centering on a tale of destiny, magick, and endless conflict.
  • An epic drama that has been drawn from a storyboard, centering on your own path of growth in the Lands Between.
  • A collection of flavorful portraits of characters, monsters, and illustrations.
  • A strengthening of skills, magic and stat growth for a variety of archetypes based on your play style.
  • An adaptive system that accounts for character levels, making progress faster.
  • A game system that allows for open-ended changes of archetypes while avoiding monotony.
  • A system where you can freely combine armors, weapons, and magic that you equip.
  • Play a wondrous universe where you are the hero chosen by grace.
  • Fight with style and grace. As Tarnished, the resolute and fervent knight in the wind-swept lands, fight off the opposing forces.
  • Join with friends to seek truth in a vast world brimming with fascinating and mysterious sights and sounds.
  • The perfect way to relive the glory of the past or strive toward a new age of adventure.
  • Battle your friends in real-time, or take on other users in the asynchronous system!
  • Story-driven Battles — Full-scale combat in three dimensions. Experience never-before-seen battles in full-scale 3D!
  • Fully Customizable Elden Rings — Be a favorite among your friends with a custom forged gem ring!
  • Drive your vehicle utilizing a system powered by Unreal Engine 4.
  • Export video on demand, both single-player and multiplayer, with Youtube and Twitch integration.
  • A world reimagined by the use of 3D graphics and surround sound technology.
  • The sound of drums and the rhythm of awakening have descended upon the world of


    Elden Ring Crack Free [Mac/Win] [Updated-2022]

    “Through the twists and turns of a multilayered story, players can feel the sensations of seeing an older brother who is playing with little kids on a rainy day, the desire to find the answer to how much people would want to try out the new games that recently came out, and many more.” – DLsite.net
    “The strategy of Tarnished appeals to beginners while still being able to satisfy experienced players.” – Dragon Visual.

    “It is one of those games where you feel like you are in the world. The animation is really well done, and the graphics are amazing.”

    “I could not help myself but ask whether Tarnished will be released in English.” – MMOFNC.

    “I’m so excited that Tarnished and Virtue’s Last Reward are getting localized.”

    “I was blown away by the graphics and animations. There are still flaws on the script, but it’s still an entertaining experience.” – Yotsuba&!

    “It is even easier and more fun to play. Since the limitations of the story were discussed beforehand, Tarnished can be played in stages.” – Tenkuu.

    “At first glance, I thought it might not be realistic, but I was surprised by the animation and the unique atmosphere.”

    “New games that have not been released to the public are quite rare, and I think there are many gamers that will be happy to play this one.”

    “Tarnished is a game that would make you interested in new content.”

    “Tarnished is an absolute must-play for RPG fans.” – Astilia.

    “It’s fun to play with battles that are more interesting and seem to happen in real time.” – GamerQQ.

    “The same stages that were released in Japan are here, and I’ve been playing each stage for hours. I just can’t help but think about how much time I’ve spent playing this game.” – Hebits.

    “Because I’m still not sure about the story, I’m giving this game 4/5 stars.” – Bvers.



    Elden Ring (Latest)

    ◆ 2nd Screen – Amiibo

    The game of action role-playing on cell phones will come with the addition of the 2nd Screen Amiibo functionality.
    You can tell who is being reflected in the action on the 2nd Screen by tapping the action role-playing game on the 2nd screen, and having your character’s action reflected on the amiibo.

    ◆ 2nd Screen – Infinite Dungeon

    You can reach an infinite dungeon by tapping a door on the 2nd screen.
    Watch a film with a supernaturally wicked monster. Feel the excitement of defeating the powerful monster and acquiring the treasure.

    ◆ 2nd Screen – Character Boosts

    As you play, you can power up your characters and have them become more powerful.

    – Make your character into a strong warrior.
    – Make your character into a genius mage.
    – Make your character into a legendary hero.
    ◆ Online Battles On Your Cell Phone

    Your cell phone can become a battleground through the online multiplayer mode.
    Play the action role-playing game with your friends from around the world.

    ◆ Enjoyable Story

    Through the combination of a unique action role-playing game with a rich story, you can enjoy an action role-playing game that feels slightly more exciting than other games.

    ◆ Original Design

    The main character was designed to express a sense of charm and is made up of an entirely new character model and a stylish world and is refreshed with every difficulty level.

    ◆ Character Design

    Character design, which is immediately recognizable, is a cross between a stylish anime and dark fantasy, and everyone can easily recognize the characters.
    ◆ New Action Unfolds

    The action role-playing game on cell phones will have a new action added, and this is a gameplay that will make you want to play again and again.

    ◆ Surprising Challenges

    The action role-playing game will have a variety of challenges that you can’t play with other games.
    There are a variety of challenges that you will feel during gameplay that you can’t feel in other action role-playing games.
    ◆ Amiibo is Included

    The game of action role-playing on cell phones will come with the addition of the 2nd Screen Amiibo functionality.
    You can tell who is being reflected in the action on the 2nd Screen by tapping the action role-playing game on


    What’s new in Elden Ring:

    The classic 2D action RPG, Fantasy Life, today is one year old! Thank you for supporting Fairytale! This special anniversary edition contains many amazing gifts for our fans. The game itself will now carry an additional 10,000 yen price tag.

    We are launching two editions of Fantasy Life this month. One is a new edition with a lot of extra content and updated UI. However, these are also old editions that we will no longer sell. We urge you to purchase it if you would like to own these content and enjoy it for a long time.

    For those of you who would like to try out Fantasy Life, we will do our best to ensure that you can enjoy the game safely. Please visit the Fantasy Life page and find out what you should do if there are any issues.

    This game is still being developed. We have decided to start a new phase because we are nearing the end of our original development direction. Please stay tuned for updates.

    Fairytale, Inc. announces the date of the Fantasy Life 2nd stage service which is scheduled to start on March 15th, 2018!

    Fantasy Life 2nd stage service will be a re-packaged game. During this period, players who purchase the Fantasy Life app will have the right to play Fantasy Life from March 15th onwards. After March 15th, the information collected during the Fantasy Life app purchase period (registration data, title, trading, choices, and purchase date) will be deleted.

    Thank you for your patience and understanding!

    With Fantasy Life 2nd stage, we have come to an important decision. We have added another year of support for Fantasy Life and created the Fantasy Life 2nd stage service!

    For next year’s version, development will continue on a completely new platform. Fantasy Life app users who wish to play will be able to play through the Fantasy Life app. The Fantasy Life app is the only way to access the Fantasy Life 2nd stage service. (*2012 version of Fantasy Life app)
    All of the Fantasy Life content that was experienced between March 15th, 2017, and now, will be relaunched in Fantasy Life 2nd stage. We apologize that some users may find it hard to access the Fantasy Life


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    Review ELDEN RING Game Crack

    User reviews:

    naruto518 –
    austin –
    February 26, 2016

    Outstanding game, it’s the best 4X, by far!

    Kiriyu –
    May 12, 2017

    This is one of the best online strategy games ever!
    My only problem is the lag, I played it on an i7-6700k and 16 gigs of ram, and the frame rate would vary between 40-70 depending on where I go on the game, it’s barely playable.
    In the end I had to turn off graphics and it works reasonably well there.
    Overall amazing game.

    Altos –
    March 6, 2017

    This game is a completely different concept than any other 4x online strategy game. Not only are there a ton of different things to do within a turn, but each class in the game has its own mechanics as well. The graphics are bland, which is pretty much the only bad thing about the game. The game isn’t “pro” graphics wise, but it doesn’t need to be either. The whole game revolves around the fact that you are needed by other people, so while graphics are nice, that is what really holds the game together.
    The most important thing though, is that the game is extremely fun to play. The puzzles and the different concepts within the game make it so that you can spend a lot of time playing without getting bored, which is a hard feat to pull


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    Download Setup & Crack ->>> https://urllie.com/2spPOv

    Download Setup & Crack ->>> https://urllie.com/2spPOv

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