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Deep Sixed is a roguelike space simulation, played out across the depths of the Milky Way. Your ship is broken, your weapons are busted, your life support is about to fail and oh yes, you’ve picked up a large stowaway. Your only chance of survival is to gather repair parts and scavenge a means of escape from the depths of the galaxy.

Deep Sixed is an extremely challenging space sim, with a focus on resource management and survival mechanics. Your ship will be in a constant state of repair, with an airlock, life support, fuel cells, and subsystems all being used and re-used for repairs. A failure in your system will result in permanent death and your ship will be destroyed! For this reason, it is vital that you make sure your ship is well-maintained by collecting salvage and trading resources off of your fellow survivors.

Resource management is the driving force behind the game’s mechanics, and your decisions on how to spend your precious minerals and fuel will have lasting effects on your fate. Increase your fuel and power levels by salvaging and trading, or improve your engines for maximum speed and increased defences. Increase your hull integrity to stop a boarding party of enemies breaking your airlock to take you prisoner! Increase your hull integrity to stop a boarding party of enemies breaking your airlock to take you prisoner!

Deep Sixed also features a rogue-like element, with procedurally generated levels containing broken moons, solar flares, and other treacherous perils! Progress through the game and survive to the end, or you’ll be dead by the time the crash site clears.

This is a popular space sim: the servers are being hit like never before!

Let us know your thoughts below, or on our forums:

Deep Sixed looks really awesome and I really can’t wait to see it in action.


27 Jan 2019, 04:56 PM

Looks great! Love the color and interface design of the game.


27 Jan 2019, 08:10 PM

Looks like a great game, can’t wait to test it.


27 Jan 2019, 08:20 PM

It’s looking really good!


28 Jan 2019, 11


Fantasy Grounds – Fundamental Fantasy Map Pack II By Joshua Watmough (Map Pack) Features Key:

  • 17 classic tracks from the 1987 PC game for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • 4 play states – Silent, Light, Normal, Modern Level
  • Controls: 1. Silent State – Tap a track to move up. 2. Light State – Dash in the direction a sound occurs
  • Great for Level progressions, Lost Souls Beat Collection or with one of the scores. Really enjoyable to play.


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SimJapan Mount Everest Scenery – A realistic city-based and mountain-based scenery set in the heart of the spectacular Asian Himalayas.
Read the included README file for a complete overview of the included data.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me through the option in the main menu of the simulator or by posting in the Support / Discussion group.
Please review the license information in the main menu if you are using this for commercial purposes.

The Developer:

You can contact the author by using the following e-mail address:

Sims Brand Manager at, who developed this product suite.


* Nominated for Winner (Private) in 2008


Developer Notes:

This dataset is a massive collection of data and scenery, aimed to give the users the best possible experience while using the simulator. The scenery is complemented by a manual with explanations and system details.


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Fantasy Grounds – Fundamental Fantasy Map Pack II By Joshua Watmough (Map Pack)

1. Trial mode / Practice mode will add 5 levels for you, you can gain more levels through playing game. (Terms of use and privacy policy can be found in the setting menu)
2. The ability to reskin your character, you can change a part of the skin in the setting menu (Tested for system compatibility in system Ubuntu 14.04 and above, system compatibility of Windows operating system is unknown)
3. Limit time for each game, playing time per game can be set, save the game can be set. (System testing for system compatibility in Windows system is unknown)
4. Add bonus missions, by adding bonus missions, players can earn more coins and other rewards, download more items after winning the game
5. Add soundtrack, music can be added to the game, can be changed to “set music” in the setting menu.
6. Add different wallpapers, the screen wallpaper can be added in the setting menu.
7. Add 2D and 3D interface, with the 2D interface, there is only one screen in the game, it is suitable for playing on a smaller screen. (Tested for system compatibility in system Ubuntu 14.04 and above)
8. Manage Google Chrome plugin, when playing, it is possible to manage plugins in Google Chrome. (Tested for system compatibility in system Ubuntu 14.04 and above)
9. Manage soft restart, when playing the game, soft reboot can be performed. (Tested for system compatibility in system Ubuntu 14.04 and above)
10. Add ‘cookies’ system, to allow your PC to remember the ‘login’ information when restarting the game. (Tested for system compatibility in system Ubuntu 14.04 and above)
11. Support for Linux Subsystem for Windows
The developer: Qiang Qi

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What’s new:

Welcome to my first diary about the Dungeon Raid event from last weekend, and today I’m going to start by talking about my dungeon experience.

I’m one of those gamers that hates the “Rat Race” part where you spend hours and hours to get loot, die inside 4-5 dungeons, get banished from the dungeon by a dumb AFK player and leave. I leave, come back in again to try and loot something else. Up to a point it’s fun. However by visiting ten different dungeons I think I am done.

Escape from the Lockdown: The Demon Fortress is the first real event that I’ve ever played on, and since it can be played public or private (most other evocd dungeons do not have this option) I decided to play it private.

The general questions I’ve had to face about the event are:

Is it worth my time?

Will my run be public?

Would I end up killing someones dungeon?

Can I play it public if I get far enough to reach the last boss and finish the story?

Will I be banned out of Dungeon Raid completely if I fail to finish the story and my run is public?

I’ll try my best to answer to all of those questions.

The first thing I should mention is that this is a private run. I leveled with all of the NPC monsters and did not use the auto-fill. I went a bit lower in levels in order to maximize my DPS and reach, hope this isn’t seen as cheating as I technically didn’t use auto-fill when leveling.

First Impressions:

The server has a total of 56 players, each one in a different dungeon. This means I would have to visit 10 different dungeons to see if I’ll get welcomed or they end up banning me. Of course these dungeons run semi-real time, so player A might log in and unlock one dungeon for the group to run while player B might only do one dungeon, so knowing this I’m not the one to challenge people.

One thing is clear to me from the beginning: Many of the dungeons that I entered have things that are 5-10 levels higher than the one I should be level-locked for. No problem really, I’m used to it: Even if I start my game with end level 86 in dungeons, it’s very likely I’ll end up having around 40-50 levels in them and it would not


Download Fantasy Grounds – Fundamental Fantasy Map Pack II By Joshua Watmough (Map Pack) Torrent [Latest 2022]

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