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The technology has been enhanced to provide more authentic control, and the game is the first FIFA title to be enhanced with this technology. The results are impressive: all 22 players contribute the action, and that level of involvement has never been achieved in a FIFA game before.

“Hybrid Player Motion” – from player movement and decision making to animation, ball control and passing – directly links to in-game actions. This makes it easier for players to adapt to their opponents, and allows players to seamlessly transition between attacks and defences, and between wide and centre-forward positions, using different movement types in quick succession. Players will feel more connected to the world around them, and the match flow will be more dynamic and enjoyable.

Fifa 22 Activation Code will be available this September and will be available worldwide for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Below are some new features:

New Player AI*: Players will react more naturally to their opponents. Players will follow, challenge and pressure their opponents; they will evade defenders and exploit their weaknesses.

Player animation*: Players will sprint, turn, shoot and foul with greater realism. Players will react to header movements – players are more aware of their opponents movement and intent.

Player 3D model*: Players will move with the intent of the ball, with players running and turning with more consistency.

AI Tactical Decision Making*: Players will recognise when the space is closed and exploit available space; players will make better runs into space.

Injuries*: Players will react to injuries, with more discipline and less diving behaviour. Players will recover from injuries more quickly and execute higher levels of fitness during each game.

Air*: Players will execute more effective aerial duels, and will fight harder for aerial balls.

PASSING AND TOUCHES*: Players will adapt to the movement of their opponents with more accuracy and less over-reaction. Players will more closely track the ball as they execute more composed and purposeful passing.

Defending*: Players will be more aware of their opponents’ movement and intent. Defenders will execute more directional blocks and crosses.


FIFA Ultimate Team:

New Player AI*: Player decision-making has been enhanced, resulting in more natural behaviour and more intelligent choice of action.

New Player Animation*: Players will sprint, turn, shoot and foul with greater realism.


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Powered by “hyper motion technology.”; World class gameplay delivers the most realistic football gameplay to date.
  • Brand new Career Mode, designed from the player through to the club; Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player with Career Mode, giving you more ways to progress and achieve and a brand new concept called Pro Clubs where you can participate in immersive tournaments, play millions of custom-made challenges and earn thousands of rewards for every achievement. This gives you more ways to progress than ever before.
  • AWP; 7 ways to Score: new Back Air, HacK n Shoot; Help Creative play with the 5-piece Attack, and two new Playmaker tools – Breaking Tactic to make your quick strikes count and Plug Attacking Tactic to carry your team to victory.
  • New trick moves, new combinative moves, improved head movement animations and more!
  • New tight control and face climbing, created to help your shots sail beautifully into the top corner.
  • Six new stadiums, 11 new FA Cup trophies and a unique Stadium design!
  • 8 new national teams including the NWSL’s Chicago Red Stars.
  • Laser beams!! For the ultimate bowling equipment, laser beams for the pitch! Throw them on the grounds to score for your team.
  • Player and Club ratings based on community-driven analysis and tests.
  • Only 4p per hour to shop at the online Market – shop in-game to upgrade items and discover blue-chip currency.
  • Voice Matching with 3 different key-independent vocal specimens; For the first time ever in the series, you can say “Hey Carli, can you beat somebody up for me?”
  • Configurable game settings, to support both Hard and Casual gameplay styles. Also support per-player items enabled / disabled on the fly
  • A host of new Player Faces
  • New User Interface – Experience more streamlined menus, improved ticketing, and reorganisation of the goal, stadium and kits.
  • New GUI for the Transfer market
  • Afterlife Mode, restore your team from your closest finishing position!

    Fifa 22

    The FIFA franchise is one of EA’s most important sports brands and the EA SPORTS FIFA series is the most popular and authentic sports video game franchise of all time.

    FIFA is a game that you play and share. Download the official FIFA app and score your goals with FIFA competitions, create your own game and get connected to friends and the world. Play next-gen FIFA 15, 14 or 13 in the best game on your platform.

    FIFA is an interactive sports brand that includes a diverse range of products, services and experiences. FIFA Ultimate Team™ is the biggest online real money sports trading card game of all time. FIFA in the Community lets you create your own game modes to enjoy when you’re not in-game. FIFA in the Community is the largest hub of in-game content and it has more than 600,000 games created and shared every day.

    FIFA in the Community

    In FIFA in the Community, you can share your favourite team with your friends and help make the FIFA community even bigger. Create your own editable game modes for your favourite team to enjoy when you’re not in-game. Download FIFA CUTS and share more than 30 minutes of footballing hilarity every day.


    Capture the moments, goals and special effects of the game. Use the Custom Matches tool to bring together your own footage to create hilarious videos to share with friends, fans, and fellow FIFA fans.

    FIFA CUTS is the largest hub of cut content in the franchise, made by the community for the community. The FIFA CUTS community currently consists of more than 750,000 registered users, and it has more than 30 million pieces of content created and shared.




    The PlayStation®3 system must have a hard disk drive at least 20 GB (for installation, it must be formatted FAT32).


    The PlayStation®3 system is required to play the game.


    The PlayStation®3 system (hardware) is required to play the game.


    The PlayStation®3 system (hardware)


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    The true joy of FIFA Ultimate Team is the depth of player customization. Players are able to be customized into any position, play any style, and have an array of pro-level skills that change their play style from moment-to-moment. Players from nearly every era of the history of soccer are available from some of the most famous clubs in the world.

    Single Player Online –
    The FIFA experience is about unlocking, battling, and blurring the line between “player” and “team”. As the player, you’ll compete in the most realistic game in the series, taking part in the most competitive game mode. With many expansion, top-notch matchmaking, and rewards like Experience Points, coins, and stickers, the action never lets you down.

    Online Multiplayer –
    In FIFA 19, the online multiplayer experience has seen some high-points and some low-points. While FIFA 19 achieved consistency, performance, and polish, the online experience as a whole did not see a good update. With FIFA 20, EA has shown the world that they can take a long needed look at the online experience and make it work.


    The original FIFA game dates back to the late-1980s, when the gaming industry was in its infancy. Electronic Arts (EA) was one of the first companies to offer a soccer game of some sort. The soccer game gave players the opportunity to design and manage a squad, and play the sport in a series of simulated matches. The original FIFA game was released in 1987, with a 1989 sequel, World Cup, following soon after.

    The player would take control of a team, manage an almost team of real-life players, and compete in a number of different matches around the world. The first game was a mix of simulation and pure, arcade-style soccer play. The 1989 edition of the game released on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) is considered to be the starting point of the FIFA series, as it was the first iteration to feature actual, simulation-based play. In this game, the player would manage a club that was based on his or her tastes. The player would travel around the world, compete in matches, earn promotion, and a promotion to new leagues. It was not until the FIFA 98 (PS1) release that the first FIFA console games gained the ability to play true, simulation-based soccer. FIFA 98 was a huge release, as it was the first entry


    What’s new:

    • A new 10-year anniversary release of FIFA marks the start of a ground-breaking 10-year anniversary celebration in video game sports. The series launches with a comprehensive archive of exclusive virtual items packed with collectibles, and is complemented by a brand new set of modes, items, stadiums, kits, and stats — all celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the best football game ever.
    • AUSTRALIA BACK!!! FIFA 22 will be released in Australia – first time anywhere in the world.
    • New features including: Target Passing – make your team even more lethal with a fluid passing ability; Free Kicks – create new attacking options every time you take a free kick in the box; Overwhelming Game Vision – Improve your abilities on the pitch with the most realistic gameplay ever in a FIFA title; Team Tactics – Choose where your club’s strengths lie, and go for the victory; User Interface and HUD Design – The new interface not only showcases the memorable 10-year anniversary experience, but also improves the game-playing experience.
    • Analysis – The heart and soul of the award-winning FIFA series, helps players make the right decisions, builds team-tactics, and share detailed match reports online. New features include a more detailed curation of expected line-ups and match sheet, as well as the first ever presentation of action-based expected goals.


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    FIFA is a series of video games developed by EA Canada and published by Electronic Arts. EA have released eight numbered titles since the original FIFA Football released in 1989, the first being in association with Konami. The games were originally developed for the MSX and Sega Genesis; however, the first FIFA released on a third-generation console, the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, was in association with Konami. Since then, FIFA has been released on many other consoles and handhelds. The game became a staple title during the early 1990s. The latest installment in the series, FIFA 20, was released in August 2019.

    For the FIFA series, FIFA stands for Football. The original abbreviation stood for ‘Football Application Interchange Council’, but as the series grew, it only became FIFA. FIFA 22 is the 22nd game in the series. The FIFA franchise, from FIFA 12 to FIFA 20, has become the most popular game in the series and, in turn, the most popular sports franchise of all time.

    Each year, the series releases a new version of the game featuring many improvements to realism, gameplay and the addition of new elements. This year’s version is also the 30th anniversary of the FIFA series.


    FIFA is a simulation of association football with many modes, including career mode, online multiplayer modes and a single-player story mode. Games feature teams of either 14 or 16 players, all human players (though the player’s physical attributes can be altered through the use of Player ID cards.) These teams compete in FIFA Career Mode for a tournament that could win them the World Cup. The player can choose their profile, team and game mode (including beginner’s, divisional, and international tournaments) before the season starts.

    In career mode, a FIFA player takes a similar path to the real player progression. They start out at their chosen club and spend the time learning how to play the game. Players can also train to earn X-factors and use them on new players.

    In multi-player modes, players work with two teams of either 14 or 16 players. In multi-player Career mode, the same player takes control of both teams. Multiplayer modes also include new pick and roll system that allows players to “pick” and “roll” with their teammates during gameplay, allowing for realistic substitutions.

    FIFA offers a number of modes. Career mode encompasses a player’s career path through a team


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