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“HyperMotion Technology will give players a much more immersive experience by allowing them to really connect with the action on the pitch,” said David Rutter, FIFA Executive Producer. “We’ve also integrated several other technologies into FIFA 22 to take the game to the next level, and we’re excited to see how fans react to our FIFA game of the year.”

VIDEO: FIFA 22 Revealed

FIFA 22 also features revolutionary, 3D gameplay for the first time in franchise history, as well as new story experiences through the new and expanded Career Mode, enhanced game audio, the return of coin-flip Moment of Magic, deeper gameplay systems and improved, more intuitive controls.

Here is a full rundown of what you can expect to see in FIFA 22, including screenshots and trailers for some of the key features:

22 New Ways to Win and Score

Increased playstyle variation – Whether you are coming off the bench or playing as a defender, FIFA 22 has you covered. Change up your strategy by playing as a goalkeeper, or swap your midfielders to an attacker and be the creator. FIFA 22 will now challenge the player to find their own style of play.

Changed Attacking System – Spend less time running back to your original position, and more time moving forward and unlocking options by juggling your team. When looking for a pass, switch the direction of the shot with the new Run Shot button to raise the ball on to your forward run. Raise the ball with the new Catch Shot button, then touch it down with the full foot to finish the chance.

Kick-to-Kick – Release your shot pressure with the new Release Shot button, then curl the ball inside out with the new Reverse Shot button to beat off your opponent. With the Kick-to-Kick system, you’ll be able to take advantage of more ways to score.

Quickplay – Quickplay will feature an improved system to create match-ups between two teams. With the new Quickplay, a lopsided match is created, as you can set both teams to have different skill levels, or you can set them to have the same skill level.

Intelligent Consecutive Finishing – Short Player runs are now more likely to result in a longer play. Since a shot that results in a long play is far more difficult for your opponent, your final goal will be more likely to be


Fifa 22 Features Key:

  • Revolutionary Pro Player Career Mode – As both a manager and a player, your actions determine your path through the game. Manage yourself to gain promotion and take your team all the way to the top of the game, from the bottom to the top rung on the ladder. Become a great player and hone your skills in Player Career, with goals, objectives, tactics to employ, and an endless depth of pathways for progression.
  • Earth is in your hands. Create your clubs, tweak the authenticity of your stadiums, and style each player with all-new kits, from top to bottom. Customise boots, gloves, socks, and cleats to perfectly suit your style, and have the ultimate tool box of playmaker skills to use on the pitch. The faster you unlock and add the better.
  • Master tactical play. Whether you’re up for training alone, or in online groups, collect your teammates and elevate tactics by sharing your changes and building squad synergies and styles to perform in particular situations. Collect featured players, managers and trophies and manage everything on the new and improved back-end to improve your club and prepare for the next goal.
  • World at your fingertips. Compete in live online matches, brave against the A.I., or sample the new Beyond Touch Control. The pitch is your canvas. Create goals, make tackles, and more. How you use the new ball will determine whether you’ll remain world class, or be left behind.
  • FIFA 07 The Journey. As a pro player, you’ve been one of the world’s greatest. Now, be a manager for one of the world’s biggest clubs and lead them to glory. From the world’s most lucrative markets, to the most unreached corners of the planet, you must take on the challenges of managing a football club in FIFA 22. Your path begins with dealing with your supporters, negotiating with sponsors and players, and embarking on a journey to take your club as far as you can.


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FIFA is a football simulation video game franchise created by EA Canada (Electronic Arts Canada) and published by Electronic Arts. The franchise’s main series, FIFA Soccer, is available in many different versions, both on PlayStation 2 and on the PlayStation 3 console. The series is set in the real-world FIFA Soccer World Cup.

Update History (North America)

Version(s) Updated



World Cup Brazil 2012 added


World Cup Brasil added


Added Nickname Editor


Editing Tournament Teams added


Added Player Nickname Editor


Added Spectator


Added Achievements


Added World Cup Brazil 2012

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Achievements let you share your gaming accomplishments on Facebook and Twitter. Achievements reward you for your skill, speed and strategy.

The latest FIFA on the PC requires a DirectX 9 compliant graphics card.

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The latest FIFA on the PC requires a DirectX 9 compliant graphics card.

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FIFA World Cup Brasil on the PC requires a DirectX 9 compliant graphics card. The latest FIFA World Cup Brasil on the PC requires a DirectX 9 compliant graphics card.



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FIFA World Cup Brasil on the PC requires a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card. The latest FIFA World Cup Brasil on the PC requires a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card.

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FIFA World Cup Brasil on the PC requires a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card. The latest FIFA World Cup Brasil on the PC requires a DirectX 9 compatible graphics card.

Automatic Updates

FIFA World Cup Brasil on


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Access your online FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) to build your very own dream team of footballers and compete against players from around the world. Join leagues with your friends to earn coins and perform spectacular plays to fill your team with trophies and medals. Or if you’re feeling more in-depth, take direct control of one of hundreds of FIFA players. Your Ultimate Team will grow and evolve as you play, collecting cards, earning player ratings and participating in the new Squad Battles feature.

FUT Champions –
Enter the new FUT Champions, the most competitive and balanced mode in FIFA, where you play online with real players from around the world, which creates an unrivalled experience for you, the player. Gain experience points as you progress through the season and climb the leaderboards for weekly and monthly competitions.

New Commentary –
New commentary for all the key games on the pitch, including the UEFA Champions League Final, FIFA 20 Tournament and the new FIFA Superstar competition.

The new Roster Depot introduces a new way to assemble your squad of players, allowing you to build a team with real people from around the world, like your favourite players, including Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi and Gareth Bale. Load any player into your squad, or combine the attributes of two or more players into one customised player. The Rosters can be saved to Xbox One or even your PlayStation 4, providing you with a perfect record of every player you have used in your club.

This year, Squad Battles bring real-life opponents to your Squad Battles play sessions. You can enter a live group game, complete with timed first touches or goal kicks. Matches are fast and entertaining, and can be streamed on Xbox Live.


Pick one of the following first-person modes and play through a career in football

Career Mode: Live out your dreams as both a manager and a player in FIFA 22. Create the newest club in FIFA, design your kits, style your stadium, and choose whether to compete with the elite or rise up from the lower divisions as you manage your club to glory. Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player Career mode that gives you more ways to progress, achieve, and immerse yourself in your Pro’s journey through the game.

Or test your skills as a player, with a more immersive Player Career mode


What’s new in Fifa 22:

  • Goal Rush – You’ve never controlled a goal-scorer in a FIFA before, now you can! Take direct control of your most potent goal-scoring attributes from the moment they enter the game and pull on your boots.
  • World Cup Qualifier – Ultimate the excitement with a new World Cup Qualifier! Not only will you face competition for certain World Cup qualifiers, but will also test your individual skill, tactical awareness and pressure at a new level.
  • My Club & Friends – Play with your friends on Ultimate Team. Create your dream line-up for your Ultimate Team to compete against other players from across the world. With new functionality and social capabilities, you’ll be able to chat to your friends, invite them to your team, and play side-by-side as a duo, with one player managing one of your customizable and colourful kits. See where your friends rank on the club ladder and play matches against each other!
  • Tactics – With a strong focus on your positioning and movement in possession, tactical awareness, and counter attack, your team will benefit as you hone in on your preferred strategy with FIFA Ultimate Team. With the introduction of Player Intelligence to key players, you’ll be able to dictate your on-field tactics.
  • Match Day – Introducing Match Day, a brand-new experience where you get to direct which player the manager picks to start every match, based on player form for a specific number of matches.
  • Random Draft, Tournaments and Live Tournaments.
  • Power Drill – The quickest sprint-speed in FIFA! Hard-working defences and pure off-the-ball speed transform the way you transition to goal. Quick-thinking strikers take advantage of all the new space being created in the box


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FIFA, The Official Video Game, is the world’s most popular and authentic sports gaming experience. It perfectly captures the drama and unpredictability of real world football, with millions of passionate fans around the world putting their skill and strategy to the test every week in weekly virtual leagues and tournaments. It also features outstanding animations, controls and match logic designed to replicate the drama of the real world game, as well as a multitude of in-game tools to interact with your favourite clubs and players, and help you manage your on and off-the-pitch activities.

EA SPORTS FIFA 22 features FIFA Ultimate Team™, the all-new, all-powerful trading card game (TCG), which puts you right in the heart of the action, earning you rewards and new players that you can use to shape your team and take them to the very top of the global leaderboard. You can also play online and compete in weekly challenge matches, as well as in new seasons of new FUT qualifying modes.

FIFA 22 has all the features you know and love, like new ways to tackle set-pieces, penalty kicks and free kicks, a new ball physics engine and improved shot accuracy, and new ways to play the game in all new modes. FIFA 22 also supports next-gen systems, like PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and Xbox One, and features a new player likeness model, allowing fans to hone in on the very details that make each player unique.

Watch the FIFA 22 Announce Trailer

Let’s not forget the Game of the Year Edition

The Game of the Year Edition gives you all the free content included in FIFA Ultimate Team, Ultimate Team Classic Mode, Standard FUT and Seasons games, including the Gunners Free Kick experience. All the content from the Game of the Year Edition is also included in the base game.

MOTD 2.0 and the Breakthrough Goal System

Football fans will be pleased to learn that there’s a whole host of changes to the MOTD engine, including new MOTD Generation stats which help you analyse your team and player at a greater depth, and, more importantly, a major overhaul of player vocals which allow you to find players with the exact pitch personality that you’re looking for.

“We’re really excited to have a new vocal direction for the MOTD engine,” said producer Peter Moore. “We want to focus on the player and not the event, and bringing in a group of people as


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