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You can download and install the free personal version of Photoshop here. You can install the free personal version of Photoshop here.

How to Install Adobe Photoshop Elements in Linux

Download Photoshop Elements ISO file

Open a terminal window and change to the Photoshop Elements directory where the file was downloaded. For example: cd Downloads

Make a folder to download the file into: mkdir ~/Downloads/PhotoshopElements

Download the file with wget command in Linux as follows:


or with curl command:

curl -o ~/Downloads/PhotoshopElements

Extract the contents of the downloaded archive with command:


Open the directory that appears.

Re-name the Adobe folder. For example: cd ~/Downloads/PhotoshopElements

Make a folder to install Adobe Photoshop Elements into. For example: mkdir /opt/Adobe/PhotoshopElements

Move Adobe Photoshop Elements files from the downloaded folder to the new folder. For example: mv ~/Downloads/PhotoshopElements/* /opt/Adobe/PhotoshopElements

Close the terminal and open the Linux web browser. Go to the installation directory you made. For example: cd /opt/Adobe/PhotoshopElements/Linux_x64/

Update the font path with the following command: sudo cp –r /etc/adobe/ fonts-local.conf /etc/adobe/

Close the browser.

Install Adobe Photoshop Elements with the installer. For example: sudo./

Click “Next” after choosing the “I accept the license agreement.”

Click “Install.”

Click “Finish” after the installation completes.

Copy-paste the following command to install Adobe Photoshop Elements. For example: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install adobe-photoshop

Restart your computer.

Install Adobe Photoshop Elements in Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000

Download Photoshop Elements ISO file

Open a Windows command prompt and change

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Output has type String. String values are immutable and should not be used as map keys

If I try to run the following map with the specific key I get the error message Output has type String. String values are immutable and should not be used as map keys.
How can I get it to work?
val map: Map = mapOf(“key” to “Value”)


Map is expecting to find a String object as a value. Your problem is that “key” doesn’t match a String.
You can use “KEY”.toString() or you can use the constructor Map(key : String, value : String)


Fetching images and thumbnails from SharePoint

I am using a page which have multiple images and thumbnails in sharepoint server.
Now when i query the document through below query it results empty :
string strQuery = “SELECT PictureUrl FROM Document WHERE DocumentId=n'” + documentId.ToString() + “‘;”;

However when I query the same document from Documents List, it results that data like Image url in it and when I open the document I can see that Document have image.
I am using SPWeb object in my code. Is there anything wrong in my above query?


Seems to be a bug as you said, in SPSite Data Viewer, no pictures are visible. Also, in the query results, your pictures are duplicated.
Rest assured that it’ll be fixed in the near future.

The present invention relates generally to digital image processing and more specifically to a system and method for filtering digital images.
Video shot by moving cameras typically show the scene with a type of jitter or bounce due to the camera’s movement. In photography, this is often referred to as camera shake. In movies, it’s often referred to as the feeling when a camera moves at the time of a shot. This jitter is objectionable, because viewers are often disturbed by motion in what appears to be a stationary scene.
In an effort to reduce this effect, movie makers usually plan their camera movement carefully, and make the camera movements smoothly so that the viewer is not aware of the camera shake. For instance, the camera can be held steadily and a dolly move made to give the impression that the camera is stationary. Smooth

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System Requirements For Embroidery Pattern Photoshop Download Free:

Windows 7 x64 or higher
Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) or higher
AMD Radeon HD 2000 or better (for Benchmark testing)
Intel Core i3 or better (for Benchmark testing)
Minimum 4GB VRAM
Sound card (PC)
Internet connection
DirectX 11 Compatible Video Card (Requires at least HD 7xxx)
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