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Call or email us today to discuss these opportunities further so we can help provide you the resources you need.

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  • Host a meet and greet in your home to share your story
    You can do this on your own or we can provide the staff to present a short informal information session and answer any questions your friends may have about the process. We’ll provide the program materials to give to your friends/guests.
  • Host an information session at your church
    Get together a small group and share your story about foster care.
  • Talk to others about your experience as a foster parent
    It’s as simple as sharing your experience and encouraging others to consider foster care. Let them know about the need in St. Louis.
  • Share your story at an informational meeting or during STARS training
    We’re always looking for foster parents to talk to those just starting the journey. If you are interested, reach out to us.
  • Share your story and experiences on your social media platforms and tag Saint Louis PARTNERS
  • Post a flyer at places where you frequent
    Church, daycare, place of work.

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Benefit from our referral program

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