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How can I check if my dates are aligned using Intl.DateTimeFormat

I want to check if dates inside of a list are aligned when using Intl.DateTimeFormat.
I looked at the classes DecimalFormat and NumberFormat but they are deprecated.
I also looked at this answer but I don’t want to convert my dates to strings.


Below is an example to check how each component of a date/time pattern can be applied in order to check a field based on alignment.

const pattern = new Intl.DateTimeFormat([], { locale: ‘en-US’ })
const source = [
’10:00 – 12:00′,
’14:00 – 18:00′,
‘8:00 – 12:00’
source.forEach((s) => {
const t = pattern.resolvedOptions().timeZone.format(s);
// component

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