Our mission comes to life when our community comes together. We have seen the open hearts and generosity of Missouri families make a life-changing impact in the lives of more than 2,500 children

<h4>KIDS</h4><br>We've impacted<br> this year
<h4>ADOPTIONS</h4><br> creating loving<br>forever families
<h4>Reunifications</h4><br>Bringing families back together over time
<h4>HEARTS</h4><br>Loved and helped over nearly 15 years

Our families have helped make a difference, yet there is still more work to do and more love to give. In Missouri alone, there are approximately 15,000 children in custody of the state. There are over 2,500 children children in foster care in the areas we serve, and 390 of these children, are currently under our care. Each new day is an opportunity to make an impact in the lives of these children.

To impact the lives of as many children as possible, our staff actively works with Missouri families to recruit, train, license, support, and retain foster homes. Throughout our nearly fifteen years working with children and families, we have seen the positive effect supportive and nurturing foster families can have on children’s lives.

A path to permanency


Nothing changes a child’s future, like a permanent place to call home. Saint Louis PARTNERS has consistently been able to reunite children with families, securing permanency - a permanent and lasting home - for our foster kids at an average rate of 33% a year, exceeding Missouri recommended rates.

Today we have more than 150 traditional foster family homes and more than 75 relative or kinship homes caring for children. That’s nearly 230 families making a difference in the life of a child in need. To reach even more children, our resource development team is working with up to 60 new homes at a time to be licensed, including both traditional and relative or kinship homes. Be part of the solution today.