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When a child is able to receive the gift of love whether from their biological family, a foster family or through adoption, a life has been changed. The children we care for within our Saint Louis PARTNERS family are desperately, and simply, seeking love and stability. Whether your heart is open to foster care or you’re considering adoption, we know a child is ready to receive your love.

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Saint Louis PARTNERS currently cares for 390 children, who are between the ages of birth and 21 years old in the custody of the state of Missouri. Each one of these lives has been impacted by crisis -- creating an immediate and urgent need for the safety of foster care.

The number of kids we have with immediate need for foster families varies week by week and day by day. On average, we have 10-15 children on a weekly basis that are looking for a safe place to live with a loving family that can help them through this difficult time.

Our team understands the value and the strength of family, beginning with a child’s own relatives who may be available to provide immediate foster care. Today 35% of children within our care have found placement with relatives.

We also understand the power of now, and the urgency of immediate foster care if only temporary and for one night. There are times when children enter foster care in the middle of the night with only the clothes on their back, afraid and very confused, often tired and hungry. Our foster parents share their home, their family and their lives to provide a home to these children where they will be safe, warm and loved. And then there are children who need a more long-term foster care situation, allowing their biological family the time needed to create a safe, stable environment.

Regardless of the situation, we need loving, available foster parents willing to share their home with a child for as short as a day or as long as a lifetime.

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Adoption can provide a lifetime of security to a child in need. Often having experienced the safe and protected environment of foster care, adoption adds the power of permanency. We actively work to recruit homes for children in our care whose case plan has changed to adoption, including care for siblings who can grow and remain together.

On average, we are recruiting for about 15-20 children for adoption. The children currently in need of adoptive homes range between three years and 14 years old.

There is a great need for permanent families for older youth in foster care. In 2016, over 500 children aged-out of foster care in Missouri without a permanent and legal family.

Learn more about our kids in need of a permanent place to call home below.