Our Mission is families.

Caring for Families. Supporting Families. Strengthening Families.

Research and history reveals that a family environment is the best place for a child.

Driven by a passion to be family-centric, Saint Louis PARTNERS is a force for families. As one of the leading organizations of foster and adoptive care in St. Louis, we believe in the power of foster care and families. We support families by upholding our core principles:

  • Keeping at-risk children safe

  • Respecting cultural differences

  • Connecting the right children to the right families

  • Providing stability and permanence for each child

We understand and embrace the many layers of family, knowing that each layer – each imperfection and every quality – makes a family real. We invest in the strength and stability of family at a pivotal time in the life of a child and partner with you to build a safe and loving family environment.

“We want to be the one place where ALL families are welcome and know they are valued. It’s about finding solutions, prioritizing families, and making a difference for kids who need it most.”

- Nicole, Saint Louis PARTNERS staff member