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Php Money Adder Hack –
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Hackers have cracked the world’s most private financial institution, stealing millions of dollars from hundreds of thousands of people in the process.

But just how deep does the #SHOCKING scandal run? In the first of a two-part investigation, CNET investigates the history of the world’s most valuable company, examines the biggest threats to its future, and considers whether there is a limit to how far greed can take a company.

Click inside to watch Part I of “The Great Hack.”

As stocks plummeted yesterday — with Facebook plummeting by more than 19 percent — Microsoft tried to reassure the public that it is not getting hacked by its own employees and that no one had access to the personal information of users.

“We have investigated a recent bug that may have potentially given some people the ability to take actions like suspend or block a Microsoft account. We are not aware of anyone actually doing this and we have no evidence to suggest the bug was used maliciously.”

But, the public was not reassured.

One Facebook user posted that she had just been “blocked by the developer team at facebook,” referring to a Microsoft’s employee who develops and maintains the social media site’s software and services.

On Twitter, another user complained that Microsoft employees were trying to “block accounts via credentials.”

A Microsoft spokeswoman could not say exactly how many Facebook employees are involved in fixing the problem. But she did confirm that it does involve a “small number.”

She went on to say that the issue was quickly addressed and the company has now fixed the issue.


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