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When you create a graphics image, you have total freedom. For this reason, Adobe’s products include lots of options that enable you to alter an image in numerous ways. But when you’re editing or tweaking an image in Photoshop, you’re really not limited to the features that you find in an image.

In this chapter, we give you the lowdown on the layers, masks, and paths that are available in Photoshop. We also show you how to apply all these Photoshop tricks and secrets to images.

Because Photoshop offers a number of options, it can be confusing to someone who just wants to get a general sense of the software. Luckily, this book explains all the ins and outs of Photoshop in a way that works for you.

In this chapter, we introduce you to the fundamentals of layers, masks, and paths. We discuss how each works and how they enable you to apply effects to images.

Getting to Know Layers

A layer is a container that holds information or tools. In most cases, Photoshop creates layers based on how you work in the program. Photoshop represents an image on the canvas as a series of layers (see Figure 1-1).

**Figure 1-1:** A single image is made up of layers.

Some pieces of a graphic — text, for example — are often represented by a single layer. Other areas can be layered, such as a building, and layers can represent objects inside an image, such as a person, a subject, and so on.

Every layer in a drawing is represented as a small box that appears on the canvas and contains tools and information, as shown in Figure 1-2. To access this information, double-click the layer name (or choose Window⇒Layers) to open a window similar to the one in Figure 1-2.

**Figure 1-2:** The Layers palette gives you information about your layers.

A layer can have any of the following properties:

Layer type: A layer type represents what kind of object the layer represents. For example, a layer type can be a group layer (that is, you can use the layer as a container for other layers, such as backgrounds and other groups), a path (that is, you can trace around shapes or make other such drawings), or even a shape (that is, you can apply shapes, textures, and gradients to it). In fact, a layer can be any of these

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In this tutorial, you will learn how to edit images with Photoshop Elements. Also, you will create a new graphic, a design for a mobile app, and more.

Photoshop Elements Features

Firstly, let’s take a look at the features that Photoshop Elements has:

Create, crop, manage layers

Use filters, masks and adjustment layers

Create text and shapes with a text tool

Import pictures with the help of the built-in photo browser

Drag and drop existing pictures to the Canvas

Gain access to both the standard library and the online library

Use advanced image-editing techniques

Import artboards in order to use design tools such as Illustrator and InDesign

Use animation tools to create entertaining videos

Create and make special effects

Apply artistic effects with the help of the filter options

Apply photo-editing filters with the filters tool

Create a new graphic with the help of the built-in shapes tool

Use brushes

Apply layer styles and filters

A collection of presets for a variety of tasks

Create and animate emojis

Import XAML, XML, HTML, etc. files, or create and edit MS Office documents

Implement color changes

Use Photoshop actions

Create a selection from the canvas

Create and use actions

Use brushes

Create and edit emojis

Create a text along with its formatting options

Create a vector file from an image

Create PSD files

Save the image in a variety of formats

Create a new document in the desired size

Undo, redo, and cut and paste

Apply precise edits to the canvas

Automatically crop images

Customize the image structure

Uses layers

Uses masks

Allows the user to create, arrange and edit layers

Use adjustment layers

Use masks

Create custom shapes and special effects

Edit with the help of the grid

Enhance the image quality

Make editing easy

Get the fastest editing speed

Use adjustment layers

Use the customizable interface

Work with the help of the library

Edit with the help of the library

Import a photo and apply the auto-enhancement option

Use the built-in photo browser

Auto-enhance photos

Create and use actions


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Intel Core i3 740, 3.06GHz
Intel Core i3 740 Extreme, 3.5GHz
Intel Core i5 750, 2.66GHz
Intel Core i5 750 Extreme, 3.0GHz