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One common misconception about Photoshop is that it’s only for professional editing, which, although true, Photoshop can easily be used for any type of image development. There are also many free versions of Photoshop that can be downloaded for training. I give you a few sample images that have been edited with the different versions and some tricks of the trade along the way.

Up to this point, you’ve been working with the tools and applications of the traditional darkroom workflow, which brings me to the latest software development — the digital darkroom workflow — as seen in some of the following images. The tools and principles in the digital darkroom workflow have evolved as computer technology and new applications have come and gone over the years. In fact, there was once a period where digital darkroom applications became obsolete, but with the unveiling of the iPhone, the iPad, and the like, they’re back.

What makes the digital darkroom workflow different from the traditional darkroom workflow is that you no longer have to physically develop film, print, and make a contact sheet before editing an image. Instead, the computer has replaced that physical process.

Photoshop as a digital darkroom

The great thing about Photoshop is that you can use it as a digital darkroom, as long as you have a connection to the internet and therefore to your computer. In fact, some of the examples that follow were developed using Photoshop as a digital darkroom. The image that I created for this book featured the first image I created using Photoshop as a digital darkroom.

The first image (see Figure 9-3) was created with Photoshop as a digital darkroom using the Photomerge option. This particular image was taken in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. The goal of the shot was to capture the spirit of the time and place, particularly for photographers who saw the city’s rebirth after the storm.

**Figure 9-3:** The first image in this chapter was created in Photoshop using the Photomerge option.

Photoshop as a digital darkroom

Figure 9-4 shows the second image in this chapter. It was created in Photoshop using the Photomerge option.

**Figure 9-4:** The second image in this chapter was created in Photoshop using the Photomerge option.

The primary difference in this shot is that the final image was developed using Photoshopping techniques, whereas the first image was created using the Photomerge option.

The third image in this chapter

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Step-by-step tutorial on how to create a photo or graphic using Photoshop elements.

Introducing Photoshop Elements

Adobe Photoshop Elements is a free community member of Adobe Photoshop, a professional image editing software. Using Photoshop, there are a lot of features that have been added to the software to help you edit photos, add filters, create new graphics, make different effects, modify photos or make posters to your best advantage.

If you are a newbie, Photoshop Elements will help you create better pictures with ease and speed. Editing photos with Elements is as simple as editing a photo with Photoshop.

Features of Photoshop Elements

There are three different ways to work with Photoshop Elements: create, edit or share.

Creative workspace

In the Creative workspace, you have lots of tools to make your work more fun. In the Tools, Effects, Layers and Adjustments panels, you can make unlimited combinations of filters, adjustments, art, effects and layers. Using the Pen tool, you can draw on a photo to give it a 3D effect.

Keyboard shortcuts

To save time, you can assign keys to most of the tools and panels so you can work with a single key or combination of keys to perform the same actions as you would need to with the mouse.

View options

The View options allow you to view your files in different ways. You can view the original photo, clone stamp, zoom into details, print a smaller, print a larger version, make it grayscale or sepia, and more.

Editing workspace

The Editing workspace is where you get to do your editing. There are two different panels, the Text panel and the Layers panel. You can manipulate or add new layers, delete layers, change the opacity or transparency of an image, add an adjustment layer or change the size of your image.

File options

The File options allow you to change the size of your image, add or remove a logo or text logo, crop your image, resize an image to fit a square or rectangular frame or resize the frame.

Sharing workspace

For sharing your files, you can click on the Share tab and save your edited photos to your computer and even to the web.

You can save your photo as a JPEG, high-resolution JPEG, GIF, PNG, HD or Blu-ray format. To make it look better, you can open the file in Photoshop,

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