With a client-server architecture and a client-side rendering engine. the balsa frame for the web ·. Luca Gauci: He’s English, Plays All the Parts and Sees. Best of all, their son has blue eyes just like a bag of marbles.In recent years, with the rapid development of an information society, various information processing apparatuses such as personal computers have also shown a remarkable development in the field of office automation. In particular, various functions have been realized to form information which is a treasure trove in an information processing apparatus into the form of books, magazines and newspapers with the use of an image forming apparatus for forming a print image onto a recording medium.
For example, an electronic newspaper system provided with a novel concept for media technology is becoming popular. This electronic newspaper system makes it possible to read an electronic newspaper, which is edited with high-quality photographs and graphics, even from the viewpoint of being more mobile than a newspaper.
By the way, in a product which is currently being put on the market, there is a system, in which a book or magazine is designed, and individual pages of the book or magazine are read by utilizing an image forming apparatus, and the pages are added up in order to create a booklet for each individual page. However, since a large number of pages are required for one booklet, the number of image forming apparatuses is increased in order to meet the market demand.
Furthermore, in this system, when the input job is changed, it is necessary to change pages to which the image forming apparatuses output images, thus causing unnecessary waste of printing time. Furthermore, since the sizes of the images on the printed booklets are different, the volumes of the booklets are considerably large and the storage capacity becomes limited. Moreover, in this system, even when it is desired to read the book from a specific page, the whole system needs to be operated, and thus there is a problem in terms of operability.
As mentioned above, in the conventional bookbinding method, since there is an upper limit to the number of image forming apparatuses, the operation of the whole system needs to be changed in case of changing input jobs, and a large number of printed booklets become unnecessary, thus causing waste of print time and printing paper.
Moreover, in case of reading the book from a specific page, although the operation of the whole system needs to be changed, there are problems in terms of operability and equipment compatibility since

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