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The volume of Internet traffic, with many ISPs and especially telecom, using network switching for CPE needs, is growing very rapidly. It is unlikely that the present plan for future network evolution, with transparent and widely dispersed routing, will scale well for this.

We observe that following from the third constraint of the Stackable Network (SN) architecture, delivering IP traffic over the same wires of the switched network that hosts it, it is not practical to apply the existing SONET techniques to Internet-to-the-MPLS/CISCO-style networks. Consider for example, a router on the edge of an ISP’s own switched network, receiving Internet traffic of concern, often at OC-48 or below. SONET says that a router of such a size could be treated as a transparent service router, so that traffic from a host in the ISP’s own network could pass to that router. Therefore the ISP’s router could itself receive and switch traffic destined to its own customer hosts. However, SONET is being decommissioned.

Furthermore, we observe that, because transport has to be dedicated to service connection bandwidth, it is not practical to apply as much of the limited IP traffic resources of the service segment as possible to the services offered. The distribution model of today’s “virtual circuits” makes it very difficult to balance the allocation of IP traffic to service connection bandwidth at a receiver using a single allocation. For example, a virtual circuit could carry a percentage of the IPv4 Internet traffic, but how do you know that this will be enough? Similarly, a virtual circuit might carry a percentage of voice traffic. How do you know if this will be enough? These are only a few examples of how it is difficult to do, and the problem is real. There are other types of traffic that can be carried at the same time, but the delivery of which is constrained and therefore difficult to scale properly.

Historically, we have treated switching as a commodity, not really understanding the base-layer services it provides. In particular, the distribution model for switching has not been well thought through, and it is not expected to scale linearly for services such as IP traffic. This was not inherent in the switching technology itself, but in the usage model of ISPs and other

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