The Process

We welcome all families considering foster care to reach out to our team by taking this first step to call us at 314-938-5690. You are also invited to learn more at one of our upcoming Information Sessions.

After we receive your initial inquiry, we will contact you directly to have what we hope can be the first of many conversations about fostering a child in need. In these early conversations, we’ll listen to your goals and gather a better understanding of why foster care and why now feels right to you. As we develop a relationship together and look to meet the needs of our foster children with the gift you’re ready to embrace, we’ll meet in-person and connect you with our network of current foster parents to hear how fostering has enriched their lives.

Here’s a look at the overall process, from your first call to ultimately caring for a child.

Get Started


Call today to find out more information or request an information packet here.



Complete standard state application that you will receive from Saint Louis PARTNERS directly. An intake worker will review within 2-3 days and contact you to set up your home visit and answer all of your questions.

Home Visit


Meet with a Saint Louis PARTNERS Licensing Worker in your home. Get all of your questions answered and sign up for STARS Training

STARS Training


Offered on weeknights or over weekends, STARS (Specialized Training Assessment Resources and Support) is the 27-hour required training program. It’s a great way to learn all you need to know about foster care and meet other new foster parents.

Home Study


This intensive report requires several home visits, thoughtful questions, referrals, fingerprints, physicals and more. All to ensure you and your home will be a safe place for kids.


Once the STARS Training is completed and your home study has been finalized, approvals take place and you will begin receiving calls to welcome kids into your home.

What Can You Expect

Free Training and Support Groups

We will provide the appropriate training (referenced above) needed to become a foster parent. This free training consists of lectures, activities, Q&A’s, and homework assignments. During this time, most participants start to develop a support network with other participants. They rely on one another to be there for them throughout their foster/adoptive experience. We want to ensure that you feel well prepared to accept one of our children into your home. See our training page for more details.

Realistic Timing

There is not a set timeline from start to finish when applying to become a foster parent. The process varies for every foster family, but can be as quick as you want as long as you meet all of the requirements. Much of the timing depends on your availability and time needed to complete all aspects of the Home Study. Typically, the process takes somewhere between four and six months. Our goal is to have you prepared to be approved and “licensed” 30 days after you complete your STARS Training. We are here to help you along the way and want the process to be as easy as possible.

Loads of Paperwork

On the path to becoming a foster/adoptive parent, you encounter a mountain of paperwork. Items you need to compile include:

  • Physicals on all family members
  • Birth certificates
  • Marriage licenses or Divorce decrees
  • Auto insurance policies
  • Pet vaccinations
  • School references
  • Employer references
  • Income tax filings

And that’s just a sampling. It’s kind of daunting, we know, but, if you focus on one item at a time, the paperwork becomes more manageable. The family development specialist will provide assistance to ensure everything is submitted in a timely manner.

Regardless of your situation and timing, you can expect our team to partner with you along the way and answer all of your questions. We are with you on this important journey.