Helping prepare you throughout your journey

Becoming a foster parent is a gift of love. It is a gift of time, of hope and of comfort - given to children who are in desperate need of family and parenting. At Saint Louis PARTNERS we work diligently as a team with our foster parents and families to prepare, educate and train each parent. Equipping our families with tangible, timely and tested information develops not only their readiness, but also helps build the partnership and the dialogue among our team and each family.

Our training meets state requirements, but also goes above and beyond to partner with you to help you be as prepared as possible. We look forward to working with you as you take the necessary and important steps to becoming a foster parent.


(prior to acquiring your foster care license)

In-Service training

(completed after you have received your foster care license)

Within 3 months of licensure:

Within 1st year of licensure:

Within 2nd year of licensure:

Specialized Trainings

Beyond the scope of standard training, there are children who require additional means of care and understanding from their foster families. Known most frequently as children with elevated needs, these children come into foster care needing greater attention and investment, best addressed through our specialized trainings.