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Name Trigger Finger
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.13 / 5 ( 513 votes )
Update (4 days ago)







Roast and toast your friends in lightning-fast rounds of cute physics combat for up to 6 players. Perfect for parties!
Discover a ridiculous range of power-ups like explosive boomerangs, disguises and telekinesis. Then stack your power-ups together to form outrageous combinations!
It only takes one stick and three buttons to pulverize your pals. Anyone can play immediately, but hardcore players will love mastering the advanced techniques of this lost martial art. Deflect attacks, recall dropped boomerangs, and curve your throws around corners to become a powerful boomerang assassin.
Journey to an edible world as you do battle in over 30 Kung Fu arenas, each filled with unique tools and traps. Jump over moving platforms and sneak through lush foliage. Trigger sliding walls to squish your foes. Dive between giant rolling pins and delight the Toaster King.
Join forces with your friends to take on the ingenious AI opponents. Or squabble over the precious Golden Boomerang in a frantic alternative game mode.
Play with only the power-ups you love. Turn off shields. Turn on friendly fire. You change the rules to suit your tastes!
Boomerang Fu is best enjoyed with controllers. We support a variety of controllers including Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and many more.
Remote Play Together over Steam. Please note: video quality and input lag will vary based on the speed of your internet connection and hardware.
About The Game A-OK Comics:
Journey through the comic book world and beyond with creators from some of your favorite comic companies.
Endless pages of story driven visual novel gameplay.
Collect comic books with outrageous collectibles.
Many unlockables for extra content.
Fun retro graphic novel style story.
Play the game on your own terms in the campaign mode.
Play the game with a friend in co-op mode!
Crazy characters from a diverse cast of creators.
And even more: The digital version offers DRM-free gameplay and you can freely move your save data between devices without restrictions.
Language: English, English (UK) and English (US).
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Key features:

Free to play game with achievements

Multiplayer competitive and cooperative modes

Beautiful comic style graphics and sound effects

Play with up to 6 players on your couch. Or online with friends and strangers.

Boomerang Fu is designed for local play only.

Play with a friend in


Additional Information

Name Trigger Finger
Publisher Admin
Format File
Rating 4.13 / 5 ( 513 votes )
Update (4 days ago)


Features Key:

  • 6 distinct and playable monsters
  • Sidescrolling Castlevania style game with classic two button controls
  • Vast, never-ending map and multiple routes
  • Combine statistics and play powerful combinations to defeat monsters
  • New character classes with new special abilities
  • Complex magic system and new styles of arcane golems


Trigger Finger With Full Keygen For PC [April-2022]

Explore a beautiful world, fight, and craft the most lethal weapons known! Lawless Lands is a chaotic role-playing game combining the ideas and features of RPGs, crafting, and minigames into a dark, grim and brutal experience! Craft all-new weapons with various properties (some fun, some deadly) and make your own weapon building kit by scouring the world for the right ingredients. Choose to craft items that bestow unique bonuses, stat-boosts, and more!
In Lawless Lands, you’ll set out on a dark journey to survive the bestial slaughter, monstrous hordes and vile creatures that roam the lands and devour the weak. At the center of it all lies the “Devil’s Corral,” a place where fiends and monsters are sent to their end, awaiting their gruesome demise by one of the three blackest justice-dealing tools: a crude, crude, and wrongfully-so-named “Ripper” capable of delivering instant, brutal death.
Follow the story of Kolyask and Ridina through their quest as they try to defend their homeland from the fiendish invaders, hoping to live to see their families and loved ones again. With over three dozen side quests to keep you on your toes and over thirty new side stories to explore, you’ll be able to return time and time again to unlock new events and hidden secrets in the world.
An eerie post-apocalyptic world is fraught with danger, hunger, and suffering, but also a chance to forge new bonds, make new friends, and improve your life in unexpected ways. Lawless Lands combines a deadly first-person combat system with a permadeath system where death is not the end. You’ll have to carefully build your character and forge ahead, taming and conquering or fleeing your foes as you see fit. Backtrack and discover all of the hidden secrets that you could have missed in the vast world map. Craft new items and boost your strength, stamina, or dexterity using the many classes and skills. Set out on quests to explore the world and bring your favor to the land. Ponder life’s greatest questions and help people through their hard times.
Key Features:
A whole new game of war and survival!
Play as Kolyask or Ridina in their quest to protect their home.
Over 60 hours of immersive storyline with a few side quests to keep you busy.
Lots of side stories and discoveries to unearth.
35 new hand-crafted weapons, including the


Trigger Finger Torrent (Activation Code) [32|64bit] Latest

The first episode introduces the characters, locations and items players will meet in the game, while the second explores the mechanics and basic game mechanics.

Create and upgrade your PowerUp & Elevator robot partner to help you collect all the PowerUps and escape the death chamber! Learn to play the game by pressing the buttons on the PowerUp and the elevator robot to bring up a green bar at the top of the screen. While going up, there are more PowerUps to collect, but you will also be losing the green bar (which is the score). In order to collect more PowerUps you need to click to activate them (red bar). The game can be played at fast or slow speed. There are 22 levels in the game. You can also change the characters’ look from 3D to 2D (Small and Large).

PowerUp is a super combo-rich game where you play across with different characters, which can be combined into a bigger and stronger character.

The game’s pick-up-and-play/easy interface and fun gameplay gameplay make it a very popular game.

PowerUp is a very addictive game.


Cuteness Level

Player power-ups


Combo attack


Dynamic music

PowerUp 2

What’s New

1) Defend your PowerUps

2) Balance Time Attack difficulty

3) Speed-up and slow-down game speed

4) Fixed bugs: replay titles, some oneups, error, collision, hover attack, end effect

5) You can find now the level next to the save button

6) If you get to the ‘previous level’ button and hear the restart music don’t panic it’s just a bug.

The game might be able to enter in a glitch state, making it impossible to continue and the game will only check your last save!

Press the button after the speed setting, if this error is persistent you have to start over!

New PowerUp characters: Small, Large and Giant versions.

Levels are unlocked as you progress the game. You can also see which levels are available on the right side of the menu.





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    This game is meant to be played by each player independently.
    However, if you want to play with other people,
    Please contact the author.
    All the characters, items, and events of this game are not real.
    For a game of this type,
    The author cannot accept responsibility.
    A product of Touhou Project
    (c) Touhou Project
    (c) Touhou Project


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