Foster parents come in all shapes and sizes  from single parents with biological children, to couples who have never parented before. Foster children don’t need perfect parents; they simply need a committed loving adult. And research shows one strong relationship can make all the difference.

In reality, foster parenting is less about “who” and more about “why” and the “what.” Foster parenting is a gift of true love. To share your love with a child is to give a foundation that can sustain the seasons of life  especially in the pivotal chapter of foster care. A foster parent is simply ready to love. Love is lasting when it is real and dependable, two powerful pieces often missing in the world of a child needing foster care.

Can you see yourself sharing life and love with a child in need?

  • Single Mom
    I know parenting is hard work, especially without a partner, but I love being a mom. I wanted to foster, but wasn’t sure about raising another child without the presence of a dad. I realized that love is more than enough and I could help a child in need – with or without a husband.
  • Families With Kids
    Sharing our family life with other kids and creating an impact for them and our own family
  • Single Dad
    I love being a dad and love my little girl. I knew I could help other kids who needed a father figure in their lives, but wasn’t sure about how I could handle it or how my little girl would adjust. It ended up being the best thing for her and me.
  • Family with Kids
  • Couples without Kids
    We have a ton of fun and lots of love right now, but aren’t ready to start our own family yet. We weren’t sure we were ready to foster either, but knew there was a need and wanted to help!
  • Family of 5
    We were in the “busy” season of our family life with plenty of sports and activities for our own three kids. We wondered if it was crazy to bring a foster child into our hectic lives, and weren’t sure how patient our kids would be. But we knew we were meant to do this and it’s been the biggest blessing for our own family.
  • Single Male
    I personally know the impact of having a good dad in your life. I had been introduced to fostering but wasn’t sure it was right for me. I soon realized the difference I could make by providing stability and love – even if it was just me. I decided to be that “dad” to a kid who needed it most.
  • Single Female
    I always assumed I’d get married and have lots of kids, but it never happened for me and it was hard to accept the fact that I wouldn’t be a mom. One day I realized I could still be a “mom” for a child in need and share the love I had to give. I wasn’t sure how hard it would be to do alone and without experience, but I gave it my all – and am so glad I did
  • Empty Nesters
    We were officially “empty nesters” and thought about fostering, but weren’t sure we could start parenting all over again. Our kids were all out of the house and we loved the freedom, but missed the excitement of having kids at home. We realized we had the experience, the space and the love to give.
  • Couples without kids
    Fostering is something we knew we were called to do, but it was scary to think about being a foster parent when we had never parented before. We didn’t know what we were doing! The classes assured us we could do this and it’s been incredible.
  • Couples without kids
    We wanted to be “parents” for a while now, but decided that becoming foster parents was right for us instead – we just weren’t sure when was the “perfect time.” We also weren’t sure how hard it would be or if we’d know what to do, but just opening up our home and loving these kids has been incredible.
  • Single Mom
    Bringing another child into our lives with a great support system of friends and family
  • Single Female
    Fulfilling my desire to be a mom while making a difference
  • Single Male
    Giving a little love and becoming a male role model for kids who need it most
  • Family of 4
    We were a busy young family already but we had lots of love to give and lots of fun in our house. Fostering was something I always knew was right for our family, I just wasn’t sure when. And I wasn’t sure how it would affect our own children. But we decided there was no “perfect” time. There are challenges, but it’s been great for all of us – including our own kids.