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The ancient, powerful gods have turned against the human race. The gods have created a deadly army of zombie giants and their hordes have started marching on the world in an attempt to conquer and eventually destroy it.


R.E.D., the RTS Zombie game is fighting an epic struggle to survive against an unfathomable horde. Through a series of increasingly difficult levels, the player can turn their skills to fight against the zombie horde and turn the tide of war in their favor.


Through an epic story, the player can ally with various factions and fight against the corrupted gods and their zombie legions! R.E.D. The War Hero is the official game for all the people who love the glorious saga of ancient, zombie-killing warriors!


The War Heroes is going to be released by PlayDiary Games and will be distributed with the retail price of $14.99. It will be a full 5 screens adventure game, offline so players can play it, anywhere, any time!

Game Features:

-Epic War Against The Zombie Horde!

-Epic Storyline!

-Game Options.

-Intelligent AI!

-Experience real 3D environments!

-Android Version!

-R.E.D. The War Hero is the official game for all the people who love the glorious saga of ancient, zombie-killing warriors!

Game FAQ:

-Can you use the game with the official game controllers?

No. This game is designed to work with a touchscreen.

-Can you use the game in airplane mode?

No. This game is not designed for the airplane mode so it would have to be disabled in airplane mode.

-Where can I find the RTS Zombies game?

You can download the R.E.D. The War Hero game from the Google Play Store.

-Will the game have a Season Pass?

No. This game is not planned to have Season Pass, it will be standalone.

-Why are you not releasing the game?

It is a work in progress but we will still release it when we feel its ready, new features, bug fixes and improvements, we can’t wait to see players’ reviews and


Features Key:

  • 1) When you will ride in your VR helmet you will feel like in real driving game and not like in video game like in other games!
  • 2) Your real driving seat will be most comfortable most seats of other video games is not comfortable.
  • 3) Your car will be best from the others in the game.
  • 4) Your maximum and game speed will be very easy to control!
  • 5) Your other friends will be same in your body and car and only difference is that you are having VR!


INFINITI VR Game Key Features:

  • 1) When you will ride in your VR helmet you will feel like in real driving game and not like in video game like in other games!
  • 2) Your real driving seat will be most comfortable most seats of other video games is not comfortable.
  • 3) Your car will be best from the others in the game.
  • 4) Your maximum and game speed will be very easy to control!
  • 5) Your other friends will be same in your body and car and only difference is that you are having VR!


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Battle for the precious Ninja card in this dice-rolling strategy card game!

Ninja Outbreak is a unique dice strategy game in which you fight for glory while collecting gem cards.

The last card left in the deck causes a “concentrate” effect. Once a player gets a “concentrate” effect on him/her, the player must draw a card and they will be unable to play until they get a new card.

By rolling the dice, you can play cards or draw cards to build up a combo of the gems. When gems and cards are fully built, the player can attack the enemy using their cards.

The end of each turn is two-fold. First, you will roll the dice to see what cards will be played and what card types will trigger a “concentrate” effect. Second, you will roll to determine the enemy attack.

Players will have a limited number of cards to play each turn to help them build up the maximum number of dice and cards, increasing their chances at hitting the enemy in the next turn.

When you attack an enemy tile, the tiles will be flipped on the board in the order of their numerical value. Each tile has a number, ranging from 1 to 10. The player rolls the number of dice they have, and if they roll a die number on the tiles, then the tiles will be flipped.

Players can attack any tile on the board, but the values of the tiles and the strengths of their decks will vary based on their position. For example, the player that is the furthest away from the enemy has a weaker deck and has to attack the enemy with a weaker attack.

You and your opponents will proceed along a trail to the center of the map where the card battle starts. The center tile is the most powerful tile. Players attack and try to strike the enemy in the most powerful tile, but always attack tiles in the clockwise direction.

Once you attack an enemy tile, it will flip to the attack position. All tiles move clockwise. Note: they will not move if they are under the influence of a timer.

Players can attack the enemy again if they have a card in their hand and there is a number on the enemy tile. A timer will then be triggered on the tile.

If a player’s timer is triggered, then that player will face an attack from the enemy and must roll their dice to


Winter Sports Games [2022-Latest]

“Half Blood RPG” is a RPG game style mixed with action role playing game play now is time to start the adventure of “Heero” a new hero 2 main characters that care for one another. Starting off with a small village in the middle of a demon world called “Ravenwood” and the whole entire world is in danger due to the evil Demon Lord in the underworld called “Xayvion” After a demon named “Zanello” kills his father Azreal and the villagers, Heero is sent out to search for “The Scrolls of Kronos”, a book with power that could control Xayvion or at least hold him back. During your journey to search for the scrolls, your meet a strange girl “Lilith” on your way to meet a “Kronos dragon” that will help you on your way to search for the scrolls and give it to you where it is dropped off from a “Mesogog” a creature that can take the form of a human and is a powerful vampire that can use “Shadow magic” to do things out of anyone’s control. After rescuing Lilith from the attack from Zanello where there was a corrupted mob of demons that were turned, you go back to her home where her Grand father Azreal was killed. Entering the village was a waste of time due to the destruction they were left with and the corrupted mob of demons that were left and so he then heads to the nearest town outside of a far distance from the village “Featherrock”. Going to find his home is where he decides to head to Feather Rock after rescuing Lilith because she wants to live there with her grandfather instead of “Ravenwood” of the demons.
After almost getting it damaged, it crashes into a gargoyle and ended up hitting a rock and forcing it into the wall. He then started to climb up the rock wall and got into the house, where she was speaking on the phone with someone about her grandfather and his death. She then tells him all about her life and revealed that she has a Grand father in Heaven named “Azreal” who was also sent by Odin to look for the scrolls from Zarges.
After getting the details of who Azreal was and everything about him that he told her, she invited him in since he was still a stranger. Although he was hesitant at first, he allowed him to do so and since he was a good friend and Azreal was not at home and nowhere to be found, Heero decided to stay the night


What’s new:

    a magnacalis_ are greyish in appearance, and more complexly zygomorphic, with the posterior margin slightly concave and the forewing very distinctly zygomorphic.

    **Red Tali** _Margariphas flavidorsalis_ (Frey, 1912) is similar in appearance.

    **Structure and markings**

    The anterior half is deeply green, with a very broad blackish brown mark across the centre, with small green terminal spots. There are a few small discal marks between the blackish blotch and the costal margin, which are white. The hindwing is broadly green. There is also a broad blackish base and a row of black dots across the outer margin of the hindwing.

    **Flight period**

    May to August.


    Otago meadows with patches of grass and feather grass.


    The Bands also has four other race forms, which are very similar: compare red, blue, green and dark brown. The red race is bright red with thin, dark veins and it is fully dingy.

    **Further reading**

    Watt & Fan in _Butterflies of Britain and Europe_ (1983) gives a long description of the species, but the illustrations only show the Bands and white forms, which are very similar.

    **Red Tali** _margariphas flavidorsalis_


    Watt & Fan in _Butterflies of Britain and Europe_, 1983

    **Red Tali** _Margariphas flavidorsalis_


    Resting with one front leg raised. Females are very rarely collected, perhaps from second year moths.

    **Flight period**

    Apr to Nov, depending on location.


    Grassy, wet conditions with large patches of grass and feather grass.


    The main red form of the Red Tali is quite rare, and generally abounds in places like Hutt Valley, an area surrounded by forest with large patches of grassland.

    Only the Northern Zealander ( _naodinga_ ) begins similar windswept grassy conditions in April through to September. Even this can be preceded with a fickle spring only few days. It is more commonly known as the Azure


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    • The film was designed by the acclaimed independent filmmaker Channy J.P. Tan.
    • Saṅkhāra is a poetic, immersive film using the philosophical premise that VR is the ultimate physical, virtual space for meditation.
    • The film was optimized for the Gear VR, the first consumer-ready standalone VR headset released by Samsung in 2015.
    • The film was built from the ground-up in Unity, and an internal 3D-modeling kit was created to allow for precise animation.
    • The work earned Tan a nomination from the 2015 Sundance Institute New Frontier in Virtual Reality and Multi-User Virtual Environment categories, and the international South by Southwest Emerging VR Studio Competition 2015 award.
    Additional Credits:
    • soundtrack by Eric Haynes –
    • art assets by Robin Oshima –
    • Project Lead: Scott Calamar –
    • 3D model creation and assets by Joel Villarruel –
    • music composed by Eric Haynes –
    • Additional Music and Sound Design: Steve Loshin (
    • Post-Production: Keith Smith (
    • Kyle Selker (

    The Music & Audio in this file are not my own creation. They are the property of their respective owners. I have only used them in this video for educational purposes.

    While the dialog and narration gives the entire collection a serious, academic feel, the image of the sun receding into the distance is perfectly at home in a music video. From the inspiration for the lyrics, to the video, the clip is narrated by the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Rollins, who was on the cover of Bob Dylan’s album John Wesley Harding in 1967.
    The artist is the American painter Kenneth Noland (1928-2010), who was a member of a number of prominent abstract expressionist art movements of the late 1950s and early 1960s. His characteristic style is built on repeated and elegant color-and-brush patterns. Abstract expressionism would later be closely associated with pop and rock music of the 1960s, most notably with The Beatles, and the subgenre of psychedelic art with other pop artist


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