A team
working together

A collaborative effort focused on
meeting the needs of foster children

Raising a child takes a team. There’s you, the parent; plus the school, doctors, coaches, community support and more. Foster care includes all of that and even more. When a child is placed in your home, you become part of a professional team. The team is made up of a variety of individuals, each with specific training, experience and strengths, who all play a vital role throughout the journey of foster care.

Your willingness to share your home is a gift in the life of a foster child. It’s our job, and our joy, to equip and help you every step of the way with the best team. Meet your team.

Your primary point of contact

This is your direct contact at Saint Louis PARTNERS. They work with you, the foster family to help you get licensed and answer any of your questions. They are often referred to as Licensing Workers. While licensing is their primary responsibility, we consider them a Family Development Specialist -- as they are working on your behalf as the foster family throughout the process and helping develop you as a foster family. They are your primary connection point on the team.

Foster Child representative for legal issues

This is an individual appointed by a court to protect the best interests of a child under the age of 17 or 18 in a specific legal action. This individual may be, but is not necessarily, an attorney.