Christina is the youngest of the sibling group, and is always happy, friendly, and helpful. She enjoys singing, playing basketball, and watching the Disney Channel. Her favorite foods are oatmeal and spaghetti. Christina responds very well to encouragement and praise.

Anthony is the second youngest, and he is also a friendly, helpful boy. He enjoys robotics, karate, watching Disney Jr., and soccer. There isn’t a food that he doesn’t enjoy. When you meet Anthony, you will notice that he is always smiling, talking, and very cooperative.

Jaylen is the second oldest, and is outgoing, very helpful, and likes to be an authority figure for his siblings. He enjoys all sports (football being his favorite), watching kid movies, and is in Cub Scouts. Jaylen’s favorite food is hot dogs. When you meet Jaylen, you will see that he enjoys being in leadership roles, and responds well to praises and rewards.

Jaylah is the oldest of this sibling group and is the mature one of the group. She enjoys drawing, reading, and helping out in the kitchen. Jaylah is very friendly, always smiling, and likes to be around older children in the home. Jaylah responds well to rewards, and words of wisdom.

It will be important that the selected family, would maintain ongoing contact with their biological brother that is currently out of state.

Contact Tandra Parks at or 314-731-3969 ext. 326, if you are interested in providing a forever home for this amazing sibling group. They may be eligible for adoption subsidy.