Keymarion – Family in Progress

Ten year old Keymarion describes himself as friendly, kind, intelligent,
and respectful. In his spare time he enjoys riding his bike and playing
with his friends. He will start 5th grade this fall and his favorite subject
is Reading. Keymarion is a quick learner and is most proud of his recent
achievements in Math and English. He is a passionate wrestling fan and
loves collecting his favorite action figures. He has an interest in learning
mixed martial arts in the near future. He is proud of his Irish heritage
and that his birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day. Keymarion is not a picky
eater and loves shrimp, pork chops and Brussel sprouts. He aspires to
become a carpenter or a professional wrestler!
Termination of parental rights has not occurred yet so this would be considered a
legal risk placement.

For more information about Keymarion, please contact: Sandra Weindel, Adoption Specialist

Good Shepherd Children & Family Services. 314-854-5739