14-year-old Lindsay can be bubby, witty and comical.  She is out-spoken but can withdraw herself when being confronted.  She is very active, creative and enjoys vibrant stories. Lindsay loves to draw, write, read, listen to music, watch movies, play the guitar and shopping.  Her favorite outdoor activities include skateboarding, bike riding and soccer.  Lindsay wants people to know she is a musician, a soccer player, smart and that she is most proud of overcoming her obstacles.

Lindsay has been in care since June 2014 and is a moderate legal risk placement. She is currently placed in a therapeutic foster home where she is making gains in increasing her ability to focus and striving to curb her energy.  She attends counseling and is prescribed medications to help her stay focused as well as to enhance her social skills in the community. 

Lindsay is in the 10th grade and attends a therapeutic school.  Her favorite subjects are math and science and her grade marks are A’s and B’s. Lindsay has an IEP in place to help her in the classroom behaviorally.

Lindsay is ready to meet and move into a pre-adoptive home.  She deserves a family that will meet her where she is in life, encouraging her with unconditional commitment, understanding and supportive of all the amazing things she wants to accomplish in life.  Lindsay would benefit from her adoptive parents engaging with her in counseling during the transition into her adoptive home.  The family interested in placement of Lindsay must be open to allowing her continued contact with those relationships from her past that have withstood the test of time.

To learn more about Lindsay, contact Angie Moore at Bringing Families Together: 314-731-3969 ext. 344 or